Genesis CSP is a part of NUR.KZ holding.
and India, who are working in different departments.
Currently, we have employees from Kazakhstan, Ukraine,
Genesis CSP has a growing multinational team.
NUR.KZ — Казахстанская IT-компания.
Already in 20+ countries
16 employees from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India.

Official partnership with Pakistan DGInfinite
Based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Joined the Genesis CSP team in May 2022. Zangar has a background in accounting and audit. Previously worked at KPMG and as CFO at Nur.KZ. Strong leader who succeeded in restructuring Genesis CSP and making it into a successful growing business.
Zangar Boztayev
since 2019
About Zangar:
CEO of Genesis CSP
• supervising the Genesis CSP team
• setting the main goals for the project
• searching for new business opportunities
• negotiating with promising investors/clients
• managing the project budget
He is really into sports: boxing, MMA, football. Likes to keep track of all the latest business and economics trends.
Additional facts about Zangar: