Genesis Studio
Frequently asked questions
1. What are the benefits of
being the partner of Genesis Studio MCN?
Having joined our network, you receive:

• Channel management. We help to optimize your channel including its audit, promotion, setting advanced monetization functions, support with settings and assistance in resolution of strikes.
• Workshops. Regular training sessions and participation in seminars provided by our experts and YouTube internal teams.
• Channel development. Monthly audit of your channel allows us to provide the customized strategy for the channel growth, which would help you to succeed on YouTube.
• Compliance. Permanent reviews and recommendations from our compliance team would prevent your channel from violations and keep you posted about the updates of YouTube Policies.
3. How to become our partner?
Please submit a form on our site and we will contact you. Otherwise, you can send the request to the email address: If you do not receive a response during 5 days, please try to resend your message. When the channel is approved by our team, we discuss terms of cooperation, sign the contract and send you the invitation to join Genesis Studio MCN.
4. What channels cannot be our partners?
5. What are the payment conditions?
6. What about technical
We introduce technical and legal support, and also provide internal workshops revealing optimization and promotion insights and strategies.
To become our partner, the channel should meet the following requirements:

• YPP Membership. Your channel should be monetized and have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 views the last 365 days.
• Your channel should be active: in the last 45 days not less than 10 000 views. This information can be obtained in the analytics of your channel.
• Comply with YouTube Community Guidelines, Ad-friendly Content Guidelines, YouTube Terms of Service and AdSense Terms of Service.
2. Who can be our partners?
We do not cooperate with:

• channels that are non-compliant with YouTube Policies. We do not cooperate with channels that have the active Copyright or Community Guidelines strikes;
• Fake Engagement Practice: channels that artificially increase the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics;
• channels that consist of misleading metadata (titles, description, tags) or thumbnails.

If we declined your request to join our network, please be strongly advised to go through YouTube Policies and resolve all violations to reapply.
We are introducing various payment systems, where the partner should choose the most convenient for him/her. Payments occur at the end of each month: May's Earnings get paid out by the end of June.